Monday, 20 May 2019



Wow, time sure does fly by. It's Week 4 of Term 2 already 😳 Aroha 7 has a lot to share so grab a warm drink, kick back, relax and look at all our learning... 💪😎😁

Our tamariki came back from the holidays all refreshed and with the right attitude to learn. Our reading has been going well so far, all groups have moved up a level which is fantastic. It is important that our tamariki are reading just as much at home as they are at school so PLEASE mums, dads, big siblings, and whanau please read with our little ones and fill in their reading logs. This will ensure all our tamariki are well on the way to reaching the year 2 expected reading level at the end of the year. P.S. All Book Bags should be coming home each night to be returned the following school day. 

Solomona, Jahrius, & Jackson ready to predict what the story will be about

Armani-Lee, Iria, & Isaac into their book

Reading Eggs
Armani-Lee was keen to get stuck into reading eggs and ended up placing 1st in one of the activities. Ka Pai Armani-Lee 👍

This term we will be focussing a lot on Science and the Physical World. We got to join with Aroha 8 to look at different colours and how mixing certain colours can change the original colour into something else. Everyone got the chance to put their hands into the foam and mix colours around, it was a very hands on task... Or should we say messy? 😂 we loved it and can't wait to do more Science experiments. 

Mothers Day 💝💝💝
During class time we realised it was going to be Mothers Day.. we thought of ways we could do something nice for all our Mama's and Caregivers who take care of us each day. So we made cards. Each child chose their own words to write as we wanted it to be as authentic as possible.. Miss Langi helped us sound out our words and spell them correctly. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MAMA'S/CAREGIVER'S! 😍💖

After Mothers Day was finished we wrote about all the special things we did for our Mama's/Caregivers over the weekend. Below are a few of our confident students who agreed to be on our blog to showcase their writing 





Science Roadshow Trip
In Week 3 Team Aroha went to our Science Roadshow Trip, we learnt a lot about Inertia and Gravity. We got to see a lot of different experiments and we got to test all of them out ourselves!!! How exciting 😍😆 we enjoyed our bus rides and on the way back to school a lot of us were feeling tired and sleepy. Below are only a few of the photos we have. Take a look!!! 

J'niqua in a bubble
Jahrius in a bubble

Alex ringing the police as he said

Sione being the te
Santana experimenting 

Tali and Sione having fun on the bus
Team Aroha

Kaecyus sleeping on the way back to school

Support Staff Day 
In Week 3 we honoured our Teacher Aide Support Staff. It was good to acknowledge each and every one of them as they do a lot for our tamariki and also our teachers in supporting them. Aroha 7 gave thanks to our Teacher Aide Whaea Hine for all she does for us, Levi and DJ said a little speech on behalf of our class and presented Whaea Hine with a lolly necklace, box of roses, a card, and a bunch of flowers. 

Bullying Awareness Week
Week 3 was all about Anti-bullying. Aroha 7 completed a brainstorm of what we think bullying is. Next we brainstormed ideas on how we can stop bullying from happening... 

We then created a Friendship chain. We each got a pink piece of paper and wrote down 1 way we could stop bullying.. Miss Langi then put all our papers together to create the chain.

Our T-shirt designs:

On Friday it was pink shirt day at school, some students came in pink and some didn't - which is ok but to ensure everyone was included we designed and created our own pink day T-shirts. How cool 😊

Pink Shirt Day
We ran out of time and didn't have a chance to take a whole class photo in our Pink attire, here's 2 pictures Miss Langi managed to get Friday morning before school.

Armani-Lee, Jackson, Rezhan, & Miss Langi
Rezhan, Jackson, & Isaac

Award Winners
Left: Tailah Beach was the recipient for Team Aroha's Principal Award. Tailah was awarded this certificate for always having a positive attitude towards learning and always being kind to others. 

Right: Rezhan Vitale was the recipient for the PRIDE Respect certificate. Rezhan was awarded this for not only showing respect in the classroom but also in the playground. Rezhan has come a long way with his attitude, behaviour and learning and I am so proud of him. He's such a lovely student, always willing to lend a hand and be someones friend. We hope you enjoy your last week at Rowandale School Rezhan, it has been a pleasure being your Year 2 Teacher. 💖

Monday, 1 April 2019

Aroha 7's Colourful Shirt Day

Colourful Shirt Day 💗💙💚💛💜 

New Zealand experienced a rough patch recently in Christchurch and as a nation the events of what took place brought millions of people together, World wide.  To show respect we had a colourful day where we all got to dress up in our most brightest and funkiest colours. We also did paper dolls to send down to Christchurch and each came in with a gold coin koha to show our support in helping all the families who were effected. 

Heres some pics of our two most grooviest dressers (Silaga-Prayer and Honor) and us with our paper dolls.


Maths update 💭

We've been working really hard alongside our DMIC mentors. As you can see our ideas and voicing how we got our answers are developing. Also our strategies are expanding and we are thinking more and more outside the box independently. 

Below is Levi and Armani-Lee (buddies for maths) with their answer of how they counted and worked out the question. To the right is Jackson and Odyn with their found strategy of using our class blocks to make the big numbers then adding on from there to get the answer. Ka Pai!

Swimming 💦

We had a special guest join us for swimming. Mrs Moi helped us focus on our breathing, we learnt heaps of fun ways to learn how to swim. We can now do dolphins and can fully submerge under the water. Mrs Moi also showed us how we can still learn when we're i the water. We did heaps of maths and also some science. We loved having Mrs Moi with us. 😁 To the right we have Levi and Jackson demonstrating how we can support our buddies in learning to float. 

Meet The Teacher 👪

On Tuesday we had Meet the Teacher evening. Rowandale School put on games, bouncy castles, a BBQ as well as good music as parents came in to meet this years teacher(s) for their kid(s). In Aroha 7 we weren't quite sure what to expect so we had a funny afternoon of roleplaying. Children got into buddies (one was the parent and the other was a student of Aroha 7). What they had to do was enter the class and introduce their parent to Miss Langi then show their parent around and talk more about their work up on the walls, where they put their book bags, how to access Reading Eggs. It was a fun afternoon and we found it funny when some of our class mates were pretending to introduce their parents to Miss Langi because she said funny things like "Oh nice to meet you Dad, you look a lot like your son" or "you have a very strong handshake Grandma". We loved roleplaying. 

Jump Jam 💪

Every Thursday afternoon we join the rest of Team Aroha for Jump Jam in the hall. It is a fun way to end the day but also learn new dance moves. 

Best Class Award Team Assembly Week 8 💥

At Team Aroha's Week 8 Assembly Aroha 7 won the best class award. We were presented with this certificate and trophy because we entered the hall quietly and remained sitting up tall all through the assembly.... Cheeehoooo. Now time for us to aim for the whole school assembly award 💁💅🙌

Shot Aroha 7.. time for some treats 😜

Spotlight 💡

Here are some of our certificate winners for weeks 7 & 8. Top Left: Solomona Bureta for caught being good. Top Right: Kingston Hakeagatoa-Tauepule for our Classroom Certificate and Bottom: Kaecyus Rikihana for our Pride Determination Certificate. Shot boys! 👌


Parents/Caregivers please make sure your child is reading with you every night. It's a team effort and reading at home is an integral part of your child's growth. Also please make sure they are coming to school with their book bags everyday. We have had a lot of students forgetting this and it is becoming difficult. Please see me for any questions. 


TERM 2 ALREADY???  Wow, time sure does fly by. It's Week 4 of Term 2 already 😳 Aroha 7 has a lot to share so grab a warm dr...